Monday, November 5, 2012

On Journaling

Decluttering a room sometimes feels like finding the treasure that is already within :)  rather than longing and craving to have a new stuff at this tight economy moment, I found a lot of things that have a story with me and I think it would be fun to create something with it and make it more useful.

I found a fabrics, a cosmetic catalogue, pink feather, and a button on the box storage and the food paper too. This plain book is never been used for a long time, so I decided to use it as a Journal -- and I am interested in Art Journal .

I like collage and cutting interesting pictures and words from magazines or any interesting books, if I can't tear it up, I make a copy of the page or sometimes re-write it on the paper.

So, by reading the benefits of journaling for counteracts many of negative effects of stess, I would love to try this type of self-exploration tool.

I Am Open to All That is Good

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