Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wonderland day.

I find myself mesmerized by photographer Cade Martin’s Wonderland project for the Washington Ballet – a series of ethereal photographs of dancers inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic.



What's your definition of beauty?

"Beauty is when something or someone really being itself. It's about purity, it's about being honest with oneself, and I think everyone can be beautiful. It's just a matter of accepting oneself. " - Giles Rosier

Tuesday's line

I enjoy sketching simply using pencil (mechanic pencil lately),drawing pen black and red for the lips.  
Here's my selection of my recently sketched, capture using my pocket  camera. 

Have a  wonderful Tuesday !

Monday, November 5, 2012

On Journaling

Decluttering a room sometimes feels like finding the treasure that is already within :)  rather than longing and craving to have a new stuff at this tight economy moment, I found a lot of things that have a story with me and I think it would be fun to create something with it and make it more useful.

I found a fabrics, a cosmetic catalogue, pink feather, and a button on the box storage and the food paper too. This plain book is never been used for a long time, so I decided to use it as a Journal -- and I am interested in Art Journal .

I like collage and cutting interesting pictures and words from magazines or any interesting books, if I can't tear it up, I make a copy of the page or sometimes re-write it on the paper.

So, by reading the benefits of journaling for counteracts many of negative effects of stess, I would love to try this type of self-exploration tool.

I Am Open to All That is Good

DIY Geometric Leather

I have a favorite pale white sweater that suddenly haven't wear it for almost a year.
While de-clutter my room, I also found a scrap of leathers that I get from Gammara's workshop at the time I'm freelance as a stylist and illustrator and it's a genuine leather.

So, I decided to combine it with my sweater, I make a sketch of how it would be appear on the sweater, then I cutting the leather into a 10 small triangle shape using a shape ruler and 1 bigger size for the center of collar.

I make an abstract shape too, but I decided for create a simple look on the sweater, so I choose the picture 3.

I glued the shape on the sweater using fabric glue and then suddenly I have a 'new' sweater.

This is not really a DIY tutorial, I want to share my ideas on reuse things that I find interesting to create.

More to share later, hope you have a beautiful week !


Saturday, October 27, 2012


I found black cat is so cute and mysterious, and if i have a house of my own one day, looking for kitten black cat to adopt will be on my list to-do. :)