Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Geometric Leather

I have a favorite pale white sweater that suddenly haven't wear it for almost a year.
While de-clutter my room, I also found a scrap of leathers that I get from Gammara's workshop at the time I'm freelance as a stylist and illustrator and it's a genuine leather.

So, I decided to combine it with my sweater, I make a sketch of how it would be appear on the sweater, then I cutting the leather into a 10 small triangle shape using a shape ruler and 1 bigger size for the center of collar.

I make an abstract shape too, but I decided for create a simple look on the sweater, so I choose the picture 3.

I glued the shape on the sweater using fabric glue and then suddenly I have a 'new' sweater.

This is not really a DIY tutorial, I want to share my ideas on reuse things that I find interesting to create.

More to share later, hope you have a beautiful week !


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