Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unique As A Flower

Be yourself!

This is the best and only person
You can really be.
Don’t take away from your uniqueness
By trying to change it.
Being yourself leads to success;
Trying to be someone you are not, to failure.
Use your time and energy
To make the most of who you are;
To build yourself up,
Not to tear yourself down.

Be yourself!

Care about and consider the feelings
Of those closest to you,
But don’t allow others
To tell you how to think, feel, be, or live.
Only you have the right
To make these important decisions.
If others reject you,
Don’t be hard on yourself.
Their rejection has nothing to do
With who you are;
It has to do with who they are.

Be yourself!

Accept yourself as being imperfect,
But not unlovable,
For your strengths far exceed any weakness.
Embrace the goodness in you;
There is more there than you acknowledge.
You are a part of the universe,
Not by accident
But by design.
You have a special place and purpose.
Trust in it.
There’s a star in the sky
With your name on it.
Claim that star and let it shine……..
By Nancye Sims

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