Thursday, May 6, 2010

lovely word while review the book of madeleine vionnet

while browse for fashion books on amazon,me and my best friend see the review of madeleine vionnet books.. i haven't born in the day she create a beautiful dress,but with help of google,wikipedia i HEART her. 
in the time we read about the review,i stare in the wise words from madeleine vionnet and write it down spontanously in my book

"we can be talented,rich or lucky but i firmly believe that successful life is made up of everyday's patient is staircase that we walk up steadily with pause in a while... for breather (and) a look back of what we have accomplished.some people remain in the "plains" all their life because they are too indiffirent or simply too lazy. personally i have always looked forward and upward.and today.... i enjoyed the panorama of my life." - madeleine vionnet-

                                                              heart Madeleine Vionnet

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